Thursday, February 3, 2011

King of the Hill YTPs

Last semester, while having some fun on the weekend,


My friends showed me this video, which being the highly immature internet faggot I am, I laughed my ass off at and continue to to this day. They never get old...

The first one I saw, and the funniest I think:

I literally crack up every time when Dale says, "I guess that's why they call her your better-etter-etter-etter" *Boggle!* Who calls her that?

Another funny one:

Perhaps the most obvious indicators of my 5 year old sense of humor, I die every time I watch the part where Hank says "So I said to him with a straight face: AIWHTOWEIHTWEONFWOH. Heh Heh Heh, Haha LAWL" and it comes out of his mouth. Also the song he sings to Bobby that starts with "Well ya see see SEE"

A third:

Not as hilarious as the other two in my opinion, but gotta love when he says "Without my quiet time I'm not an effective COCAINE salesman." and "Damn, sister!"

Yes, they are all by the same user, but that's because his videos are hilarious.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bioshock 2

So this Christmas I finally got around to buying Bioshock 1 and 2, games I had been interested in for awhile but which always seemed to slip my mind (and wallet) when I'd be at the stores.  I sat myself down for a couple days over Christmas break and went to work on the first one, and it did not disappoint. Well, for the most part. The story was fantasic and captivating, the scenery was amazingly done and authentic, and the AI and combat system were pretty good, but one part of the story really let me down... For anyone who's played the game maybe you know which part I'm talking about:

When Tenenbaum told me I'd have to suit up and be a Big Daddy, I shit my pants. "Sweet!" I thought, "I get to be one of those badass Bouncers with the drill that strike fear into the hearts of everyone and sent me to the Vita Chambers countless times."  So I went over to the helmets, the first one said, "Rosie." On to the next one, "Rosie." "Rosie. Rosie. Rosie." Okay, so I can't be a bouncer but hey at least I get that huge rivet gun and can beat the shit out of people. Wrong again! Turns out all you get is a small damage decrease and an obstructed field of vision...

Much to my disappointment, I continued on to the evil ending (since I am a greedy bastard) and overall loved the game.

A couple weeks later I was ready to start up Bioshock 2. I had high hopes this time, since you were a big daddy the whole time it couldn't possibly be as lame as the big daddy part from the last one, right? Right! As soon as I get control of Subject Delta his starting weapon is the drill. Awesome! Okay, so it has fuel, but I wasn't looking for a game that's too easy anyway.  But one thing I noticed is there was no charge attack like the Bouncers have, which poses a slight problem since the drill could only be used very close range, I was pretty slow, and actually took decent damage from splicers.  I soon discovered a remedy to that

The third drill upgrade reflects bullets! Insane and unrealistic, right up my alley. As if it being (in my opinion) the most badass weapon in your arsenal wasn't enough of a reason to upgrade it, not it could be effective at range.  To make it even better, you DO get a charge once you get the research camera, and needless to say that was pretty much the only thing I used throughout the game, since it was basically overpowered with tonics and so much fun to watch.

Overall I liked the story even better than the first one, which is not to say that it is bad but that this one was spectacular. The graphics vastly improved, and I like the changes they did to the mechanics, especially the hacking, combat and plasmid systems. Its particularly nice when you get Electro Bolt 3 and can shock your enemies with a constant electric bolt while unloading .50 cal rounds into them.

I highly recommend these two games to anyone who hasn't played them.